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3DS上海是一个由Philipp Wolf和Vcube发起的同济大学的大学生创业组织。发起人Philipp是一名来自德国亚琛工大的MBA学生,曾是该校3DS组织的成员。2012年秋季开始,Philipp的工作主要由Daniel Kirch接手负责,Daniel是来自德国亚琛工大的硕士生,目前在同济大学中德学院哈尼尔创业学基金教席担任科研助理。3DS上海团队骨干由一群有志于在上海各大高校创造创业文化和能力的中国大学生组成。如果您和我们有一样的目标,并且愿意付出您的时间、资金或者分享您的专长,请通过该邮箱联系我们 Day Startup Shanghai is a local 3 Day Startup program founded by Philipp Wolf and Vcube, a student entrepreneurship group at Tongji University. Philipp visited Tongji University 2011 as a visiting MBA student and is 3DS Alumni from RWTH Aachen University. His work is now continued by Daniel Kirch, also Master student from RWTH Aachen University and visiting research assistant at Haniel Chair of Entrepreneurship.

We are a group of Chinese students interested in creating an entrepreneurial culture and capability around Shanghai Universites. If you share similar goals and would like to donate your time, money, or expertise, please contact us at