目前我们正在寻找赞助方支持本次大赛的举办。成为我们的赞助方,您将有机会挖掘有潜力的创业团队,为您的企业物色人才。如果您可以为我们提供:供40名参赛者一个周末所需的食物,饮料;资金,创业指导,大赛活动所需物资或服务等任一方面的赞助,请与我们联系:shanghai@3daystartup.comWe’re looking for caffeine, food and beverage for 40 people for a weekend.  When you support 3 Day Startup, you expose bright young students and startups to your company, and your products or services.  Many companies also utilize 3 Day Startup as a way to find new employees.  Donors can support 3 Day Startup through monetary sponsorship, mentorship, and in-kind donations or services.

Please contact for more details.